Sexual violence is an evil travesty violating a person’s physical, emotional, mental and sometimes social and spiritual well-being and identity. Therefore, the LOV Foundation seeks to employ a holistic approach of healing and rejuvenation through a 12-month program that offers medical care, counseling, faith affiliation, education and literacy, vocational training, and financial instruction.


The women live in LOV safe homes and engage in this program for twelve months after which assessment is made to determine the emotional, mental, physical, social, and vocational well-being for successful independent living.


The LOV homes house 15-25 women at any given time where the women receive a healthy sense of community through the LOV mentors and a safe environment in which to grow.


Along with the safe homes, LOV wants to implement other activities for advancing education and positive community through girls’ clubs and short educational retreats on life-skills, identity empowerment, and sexual trauma.


For more information about LOV homes, please contact us!